Molecular Diagnostic Panels and Tests

AlphaDERA Labs offers PCR-based panels and tests designed to detect genetic markers of infectious disease or antibiotic resistance. These panels deliver highly sensitive, accurate results to aid in diagnosis and treatment. Current panels include a respiratory pathogen, urinary tract infection (UTIs), sexually transmitted infection (STIs), wound pathogen,SARS-CoV-2, and antibiotic resistance markers. The lab also offers a new PCR test for the virus that causes monkeypox.

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About Our Molecular Diagnostics

AlphaDERA Labs uses advanced PCR technology to detect multiple pathogen targets simultaneously. This proven technique enables differentiated detection of even small amounts of viral or bacterial DNA or RNA in clinical samples.

The AlphaDERA Difference

Behind our technology is an experienced team of scientists and laboratory professionals who understand that speed to answer and confidence in results is critical for clinicians and their patients. We aim to be a true extension of your clinical team.

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