AlphaDERA Labs Timeline: From Chemistry & Immunoassay to COVID-19 Testing & Precision Medicine. Offering a broad test panel, including NGS, WES, & WGS, we're at the forefront of healthcare innovation.


Founded Alphadera Labs as a reference Lab:

  • Chemistry & Immunoassay Offerings
  • Toxicology Screen & Confirmation
  • Syndromic Assays Introduced

PCR Testing Services Offered


Launched Covid-19 Testing Services:

  • Healthcare Institutional Testing
  • Corporate Employer Testing
  • Direct To Consumer Testing (DTC)


  • PCR Testing
  • Rapid Antigen Testing
  • CovidSeq – NGS Sequencing of COVID Virus

Expansion of our test panel:

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS):
    • Cancer Genomics
    • Hereditary Cardiovascular Disease
    • Immunodeficiency
  • Expanded Molecular Panels
    • Women’s Health
    • UTI
    • RPP
    • WOUND
    • STI
    • Monkey Pox

Focus on Precision Medicine as a value-added care model:

  • Increased (NGS) panels for inherited disease profiling
    • Whole exome sequencing (WES)
    • Whole genome sequencing (WGS)
  • Expanded DTC services
  • Increase market share with new precision medicine solutions
  • Prepare and Support National Pandemic Response Planning

2024 Milestone Achieved:

Our team proudly unveils the freshly reimagined AlphaDera Labs Webflow website! This launch marks a significant step forward in our digital journey, showcasing state-of-the-art design and innovative features that enhance user experience. A testament to our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in the digital landscape.

Alphadera Labs - Our Story
Our story

AlphaDERA Labs - Precision in Diagnostics, Trusted by Professionals

AlphaDERA Labs is a certified name when it comes to clinical lab testing and diagnostic services. Since our inception in 2018, we have been at the forefront of innovation, delivering accurate and reliable results and helping professionals, individuals, and communities make informed health decisions. Our commitment to excellence has positioned us as a trusted partner in the field of laboratory services.

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