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Genetic Testing

Unlock the Potential of Next-Generation Sequencing with AlphaDERA Labs Genetic Services

AlphaDERA Labs is proud to be at the forefront of genetic diagnosis, leading a new revolution with our highly-advanced Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) panels. Our extensive suite of NGS panels is meticulously designed to diagnose a wide variety of inherited genetic conditions. Through prioritizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and patient-centric services, we pioneer accessible high-tech diagnostic solutions for everyone.

Genetic Testing

Advancing Genetic Research with AlphaDERA Labs’ Leading NGS Panels

Our unwavering dedication to innovation and pioneering research forms the foundation for the consistent high-quality of our NGS panels. Our commitment mirrors our profound knowledge of the ever-evolving connections between disease and genes. We aren't merely catching up with changes—we are intentionally building the future. So, what sets our NGS Panels apart?

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Genetic Insights for Informed Care
Genetic Testing

Comprehensive Testing

The diagnosis of genetic disorders often necessitates an extensive investigation into a multitude of genes. Our panels are meticulously designed to simultaneously test many genes associated with specific or related disorders. In addition to our comprehensive Whole Exome and Whole Genome Panels, we also provide Focused diagnostic panels covering a broad range of rare diseases.

Genetic Testing

Focused NGS Panels

Focused NGS Panels

Inclusive Analysis

No detail is overlooked. Our NGS panels delve into all pertinent pathogenic and likely pathogenic variants, including coding areas, regulatory sequences, and deep intronic regions.

Enriched by Valuable Data

By utilizing respected databases like HGMD, Mastermind alongside our proprietary Bio/Databank specializing in rare diseases, we provide a peerless level of genetic analysis.

Seamless, Full-Service Experience

Choosing our NGS panels ensures a smooth process for your patients, from industry-leading sequencing to unparalleled data analysis and interpretation, culminating in a comprehensive medical report. This integrated process eases the diagnostic route for both healthcare providers and patients.

Distinct Features of Alphadera Labs’ NGS Panels:

  1. Easy Sample Collection: Effortlessly submit a simple buccal swab sample.
  2. Unparalleled Clinical Interpretation: Our focus on rare diseases enhances analytical accuracy.
  3. Fast, Quality-Controlled Results: Rapid outcomes, guaranteed with no compromises on quality.
  4. Digital Convenience: Seamlessly order and track tests through our user-friendly online portal.

Our NGS Workflow:

NGS panels offer significant benefits for patients who:

  1. Primary Care Providers identify patients who could benefit from our testing services.
  2. Genetic counselors provide pre-test counseling services to the patients if necessary.
  3. Patients submit specimens for analysis.
  4. Sequencing and interpretation of the results.
  5. Primary Care Providers receive the results directly.
  6. Genetic counselors provide post-test counseling services to the patients if necessary.

Making the Case for NGS Panels

NGS panels offer significant benefits for patients who:

  1. Exhibit distinct medical symptoms
  2. Have a known family history of certain disorders
  3. Are affected by multiple genes related to specific conditions
  4. Suffer from disorders with genetic diversity
  5. Are associated with known, disease-causing genes

We uphold transparency and quality assurance

We stand by an unwavering commitment to accurate reporting, supported by rigorous quality controls—an alliance rooted in trust. Our reports offer:

  • Expert data interpretation,
  • Clarity in identifying variants along with guidelines,
  • Detailed methodology,
  • Relevant scientific references,
  • Informed suggestions for further analyses.
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